About Us


Each service is built around the individual requirements of our clients and their staff.

Index Global Trade Ltd is one of the leading IT companies in Barking delivering award-winning managed services to local, national and international organisations who are seeking a smarter way to manage and develop their technology.

Our services achieve better results by bringing together three vital components – the best from vendors like Microsoft, our own award-winning security technology, and all delivered by our highly skilled team of engineers and consultants.

Your Trusted Partners

Index Global Trade, as a services business, is all about people. Technology can only go so far in providing excellent service, you need great people to deliver it.

Better People

We value diversity in the workplace and expect and promote mutual respect and understanding between people with different personal situations or backgrounds.

Our innovative approach to managed services - IT without boundaries.

Why we stand out Client-centric IT delivery & management

Our clients place their trust in us to support their staff and manage their technology & security needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Proactive Rock-Solid Security Management

Analysis of your entire IT and Cloud estate, continuously looking for vulnerabilities and highlighting risks to keep your organisation safe.

Continuous Discovery & Feedback

Detailed review of your technology to minimise IT risks, and continuous feedback from staff via our platform to ensure we are always delighting your staff.

Guidance, Strategy & Advice

Organisational aligned Roadmap to help evolve the IT systems to ensure staff have the most appropriate tools and IT aligns to organisational goals.

Transparent Delivery & Management

Index Global Trade provides the greatest level of transparency across all IT providers. Full ITIL aligned reports, security, projects, licenses, budgets and commercials are all one click away.

Business Strategy

IT has become a critical part of almost every department in an organisation. This ever-increasing reliance on IT services has led businesses to invest in new technologies, but that’s not enough. Your technology investment should support the goals of your business.

New technologies must now reduce costs, increase security, enhance productivity and improve collaboration. Our IT-business alignment model can help improve your business performance, leading to more efficient processes, faster response times and more efficient workforce.

Our IT solutions are designed around your business priorities

Modern Workplace

Productivity improves by 20% in organisations with connected employees

Manage Risk

100% organisations that lack big data protection are risking data breaches

Manage Costs

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Enable Growth

By next year, 75% of organisations will have deployed a multi-or-hybrid cloud model*

Digital Transformation

ROI of up to 112% from your IT investment, in a period of 3 years

Our Approach

Our approach is to keep an open mind and listen to what our clients say. We are creative, innovative thinkers and relish a new challenge. We believe in a supportive environment, which encourages the best from our workforce.

Five core values that guide our behaviour


We approach challenges in a supportive way


We believe in what we do & have a positive energy


 We own issues and opportunities


We listen to the details and impress those around us


We communicate without IT jargon

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Your Trusted Partners